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Heartland's Patented 88 Degree Turning Radius Design is perfect for short-bed, extended-cab trucks Eliminating the need for expensive slider hitches! You never need to pass up the perfect camp site again for fear of not being able to back in safely.

The wall structure is made of Welded Lightweight Heavy Gauge Aluminum and all the empty space between structural members is filled with block foam insulation then sandwiched between layers of luaun plywood and fiberglass in a lamination procedure that ensures a strong, lightweight, durable sidewall protecting your investment for years to come.

Heartland’s laminated construction has been subjected to rigid testing in the famous DOMETIC Extreme temperature testing chamber, where it passed with flying colors!
The testing chamber temperature is set to 0º to test the heating system, followed by setting it at 100º to test its cooling ability.
The interior of the Heartland coach remained warm and  comfortable through out the sub-freezing testing and nice and cool during the extreme heat test!

One of Heartland’s most famous innovations, this docking center holds all of the coach’s system hook-ups including the satellite; phone; cable; city water fill; black tank flush; exterior hot and cold shower; winterization valves, and all-tanks pull handles (no more crawling under slide-outs to reach the handles!).

Protect your family with Food Preparation Certified Non-porous solid surface countertops. Other countertops can stain easily and more importantly absorb germs that can then be transfered to your family and guest making them sick. Heartlands solid surface countertops virtually eliminate this risk.

Heartland’s steel ball-bearing drawer guides not only provide the smoothest possible operation, but are able to hold more than 30 lbs. as witnessed by this cinder block!  You will not find any of the cheap, import drawer guides like the competition offers in our coaches!  These deeper drawers are designed to fully extend past the cabinet faces, so no more scraped knuckles trying to get to the back of them.  It’s simply the best drawer system in the industry!

Out of sight. A place for everything and everything in its place, even the trash. This designated trash can compartment accommodates a useful size trash can unlike the tiny bathroom trash cans that are common in most RVs

The choice is Yours. You can Choose between Oak or Cherry to customize the look of your coach to reflect your personal taste.

Enjoy the beauty of your Heartland Hardwood cabinets without unsightly exposed hinges. Our Hidden Hinges are Spring Loaded to assist in opening and to spring/snap closed. Our hinges are also easily adjusted for perfect operation.

How can you get a good nights sleep on the thin, springy or saggy mattress found in most RVs. Sleep like a King or Queen on our Country Rest Pillow Top Memory foam mattress. Did we mention it measures 12 inches tall and fits standard sheet sets.

Heartland's Hide-A-Bed Air Mattress offers comfortable sleeping for guests that sets up quick and is far more comfortable than traditional Hide-A-Bed sprung matresses. The built in air pump operates on 110V AC or Battery Power. A built in storage drawer has room for linnens, blankets, pillows and more.

Beauflor is a resilient floor covering that cushions your step and features a non-slip Textured surface. Extremely durable Beauflor resists cracking in extreme temperature changes and enhances the overall looks of your coach for years to come.

You can never have too much storage in an RV which is why we offer this handy built in flip up storage compartment in the freestanding dinette chairs that is perfect for cards, games, magazines, flashlights and so much more.

Enjoy entertaining with our AM/FM, CD/DVD & USB/MP3 Stereo player. Easy to use and loaded with features you’ll never miss a moment of the big game and you will always be able to enjoy your favorites from your portable media devise.

Enjoy the sleek, modern looks and functionality of Heartland’s slam baggage doors. Oversized pull latches open easily. The tight automotive rubber seal protects your belongings from moisture and Heartland’s compartments are keyed for security using unique keys and locks.

The right tire for the job. You wouldn’t put the wrong tires on your car or truck, so why wouldn’t you put properly rated Radial Tires on your trailer. Enjoy safer towing, longer wear and a better ride for your belongings.

Nothing looks worse than an ugly bare fifthwheel hitch sticking out from under a well designed front cap. Our hitch cover looks great and helps protect the hitch from the elements while also improving aerodynamics.

Keep your coach clean on the inside with a handy shower station outside.  Great for washing pets, muddy work boots or hunting gear, rinsing off the daily catch or even the kids after a long day of play.

Banged up shins are no fun on vacation and missing a step on the way down is no fun either. These radius entry steps help to prevent both. The curved front profile enlarges the step tread significant for safer use and the radius design has fewer exposed sharp corners to run into.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Heartland’s Diamond plated tool box is the perfect solution for holding loose tools to keep them from rolling around or it is even large enough to accommodate some commercial tool cases/trays or tool rolls.

Heartland’s ToyLok is perfect for quickly and easily securing bikes, grills, furniture and anything else that needs to be secured when you leave your site unattended

You wouldn’t put a plastic toilet in your home, why put one in your RV. Porcelain toilets are more durable and easier to maintain than plastic and are equipped with a convenient foot flush lever.

Never drag your garden hose inside again to rinse down the black tank from inside. Keep your hose outside where it belongs and enjoy the built-in Black Tank Flush to assist in flushing all the solids out of your black tank without all the mess and hassles.

We are living in a time where it has become increasingly important to take care of what we have been given. Heartland is doing our part to reduce waste, increase efficiency and minimise any negative impact to our environment from our building processes.

Marine grade outdoor speakers bring the pleasure of listening to the game or your favorite music outdoors to your patio area.

The right tire for the job. You wouldn’t put the wrong tires on your car or truck, so why wouldn’t you put properly rated Radial Tires on your trailer. Enjoy safer towing, longer wear and a better ride for your belongings.

Heartland engineers RVs to maximise headroom everywhere possible. We feature a full six foot plus ceiling height in the bedroom area. Taller ceilings equate to taller showers, wardrobes and overhead storage possibilities.