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The combination of Heartland's Laminated Sidewalls, Floor & Roof bring you the Strongest and Lightest construction available while also providing unparalleled noise reduction, thermal insulation and durability. Protecting your investment is important to HEARTLAND. Laminated construction provides that protection and offers peace of mind that you will spend more time enjoying your family and travels than worrying about repairing your RV.

Pick the exterior that fits your personality, favorite color or hobby. The platinum gray metallic finish sparkles in the sunlight while you express your self through your choice of color and graphics.

Everyone likes the rich looks of full body paint but not everyone likes the price. Heartland has developed the Platinum option to solve this problem. Metallic flecks impregnated in a gray fiberglass gel coat give the high end look of full body paint at a reasonable price.

Attention to detail right down to these stylish, retro,  molded ABS, tear drop shaped fenders with LED marker lights and these really Cool five spoke aluminum wheels.

The choice is Yours. You can Choose between Two Tone Mocha or Cherry to customize the look of your coach to reflect your personal taste.

The future of lighting is here now. LED lighting improves safety by helping you stand out in traffic with brighter tail lights and marker lights. LEDs consume less energy and last much longer than traditional bulb type tail lights and marker lights.

Traditional built-in power cords act like a highway for bugs to crawl up and into your RV. Our Detachable cords eliminate a way for bugs to get in. Detachable cords are easier to manage, untangle and carry 30 AMPs to manage the heavy load of today’s many appliances and conveniences.

You have fishing poles, skis, golf clubs and other long items so you need pass through storage options. Heartland delivers more exterior storage options than the competition.

Heartland’s Built-in Bike Rack receiver hitch is a convenient way to transport bikes and has the added benefit of being easily removable so you don’t have to fight with the common bike rack and all the mounting hardware that comes with it not to mention all the wasted time fussing with  some one size fits all but yours bike rack.

In today’s world of minivans and crossover vehicles, lighter is better. Smaller, aerodynamic exteriors and lightweight construction methods make for a lighter overall RV that can be pulled by lighter duty trucks, smaller SUVs, some crossovers and minivans.

Freshen up after hitting the trails in this convenient commode room with unique molded one piece shower surround, built in sink, flexible shower head, sink and stool.

Never drag your garden hose inside again to rinse down the black tank from inside. Keep your hose outside where it belongs and enjoy the built-in Black Tank Flush to assist in flushing all the solids out of your black tank without all the mess and hassles.

Enjoy entertaining with our AM/FM, CD/DVD & USB/MP3 Stereo player. Easy to use and loaded with features you’ll never miss a moment of the big game and you will always be able to enjoy your favorites from your portable media devise.

Beauflor is a resilient floor covering that cushions your step and features a non-slip Textured surface. Extremely durable Beauflor resists cracking in extreme temperature changes and enhances the overall looks of your coach for years to come.

Heartland’s Inside/Outside dinette table allows you to enjoy dining in the great outdoors as well as inside. Freestanding allows you to move the table around to accommodate any combination of any size guests at the table and folding legs make it a snap to take it outside or collapse down to complete the bed arrangement.

We are living in a time where it has become increasingly important to take care of what we have been given. Heartland is doing our part to reduce waste, increase efficiency and minimise any negative impact to our environment from our building processes.