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Let's Explore The Reasons...

Life is full of surprises, introducing one of the more pleasant examples- HEARTLAND; Heartland has a reputation of RV designs that inspire, construction that endures and value that is always affordable. Heartland protects your investment with one of the highest RV resell values in its class. That's why our customers have made Heartland the third largest retailing fifth wheel manufacture in the world in less then five years. Heartland really listens to the needs of hard working people like your self. This is why Heartland has been featured in so many major RV magazines over the years like Trailer Life, RV Lifestyles and Gypsy Journal. Every manufacturer in the luxury fifth wheel class compares it self to Heartland's luxury fifth wheels, that is why Heartland makes the most copied fifth wheel today. Remember, the copy is never as good as the original and Heartland leads the way with innovation, style quality and value.

The Heartland Team...
  • Invented and patented the 88 ° degree turning radius.
  • First to introduce 50lb ball bearing, full extension drawer guides-all in towables.
  • Invented the UDC center which has become the standard on most all fifth wheels in the industry.
  • First to have full 8 'wide walk in closets in price point fifth wheels.
  • First to engineer affordable drop frame technology in our fifth wheels.
  • First to engineer a non-skid, stain resistant, rubberized pass-through storage for fifth wheels.
  • Retains Over Patents 8 Different for RV's Like Cab Over Titanium Technology.
  • Invented the Mega-Bath and Mini-Meg bathroom Heartland for fifth wheels.
  • & Engineered Introduced the Wide Trax Suspension System for Safer Travel Trailer Towing.

Heartland Knows RVing!


Experience: The founding partners of Heartland have over 125 years of combined manufacturing experience. They know RVs and are passionate about what they do - taking the advice and input from experienced RVers and designing some of the most innovative fifth wheels on the market!

Commitment to our Customers: At Heartland, we do our absolute best to provide the best customer service possible at every turn. Heartland keeps a check on the pulse of the customer's needs through feedback via shows, plant tours, phone calls, e-mails, owners forum, rallies and letters. This information is given to the Heartland management team once a week to discuss opportunities to improve now and not later.

Innovation: Heartland focuses on the next generation engineering. Our patented improved turning radius, universal docking centers and unmatched storage are testaments to our innovation. We are never content to rest on past achievements and continually search for creative solutions to customer desires and market challenges by developing better components for overall quality and safety.

Serviceability: Heartland RV's are designed for quick and easy diagnostic of vital parts and components. Each coach has labeled lines and connections. In addition, we have easy lube axles, a quick removable panel to the water pump, water heater, and power converter featuring blown fuse indicators.

Quality: With more comprehensive testing and quality control standards and testing in place throughout the production process, Heartland RV's goal is to set the standard in quality. Heartland has a simple philosophy, "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time".

We CARE: While we are not going to be able to satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time, we do have a great track record with the vast majority of our owners, because our efforts on their behalf prove to them that we indeed do care.



Heartland has more than quadrupled its manufacturing and support facilities since its beginning. Reinvesting millions of dollars into facilities over the last six years, Heartland now has over 7 different manufacturing and 4 support facilities to serve you, our valued customers, better.

604,620 sq. ft. Production facilities
36,000 sq. ft. Customer Service Dept.
133,000 sq. ft. of Lamination Facilities
28,000 sq. ft. Countertop Facility
12,000 sq. ft. R & D Facility


Heartland's history and track record of product innovation started with our engineering department. Heartland does not believe in cutting corners. While some billion dollar RV companies have only one or two engineers on staff, Heartland actually had two engineers among our first ten employees, and now we have an engineer dedicated to each line. High tech computer aided design (CAD) systems allow for 3-D modeling to turn collective imagination into innovation. Proto-types and mock ups are typically built based on the CAD data. This goes a long way towards preventing problems before they arise. Heartland RV engineers help build a superior product for reasons that may not always be easy to see, but are very easy to appreciate down the road.

Designed by women for women: How many times have you heard a women say "who designed these interiors, a bunch of men"? Most RV companies don't put a lot of time and money into how interiors are chosen. Usually their interior is a last minute decision picked by salesmen solely based on what's the cheapest, how fast can I get it and would he put it on his favorite recliner. Heartland separates its self from this crowd by investing a great deal of time and money into a professional team of women designers whose sole job is to create high quality residential styles with thoughtful color coordinated themes. Our experienced designers work out of a 2,000 sq ft design facility where they stock thousands of Decor samples direct from vendors so that the best materials and selections are exclusive to our customers. This also allows the design team to create professional top to bottom decor mock-ups of entire interiors so we can get real retail feedback and make any necessary tweaks before it's released into the market.

Heartland owners are proud of their RVs and enjoy the company of fellow Heartland RV owners. Share in the good times with others like you, make new friends and create a lifetime of lasting memories together. Chapters of the Heartland Owners Club are forming all over the United States and Canada. Owners are meeting for rallies several times each year at great destinations sharing experiences, making friends and making memories.

Members of the Heartland Owners Club, gain access to www.heartlandowners.org whereowners share stories, recipes, photos, experiences, tips, tricks and knowledge. Communicate with friends and arrange gatherings along your RV journey.

The Heartland Owners Forum is an online community where Heartland product owners and prospective owners connect to share experiences, photographs, and other helpful information and insight in order to learn from each other and further enhance their RVing experience. Registration is required; you do not need to own a Heartland product to join. The forum is actively moderated; the factory responds to questions posed to them and there is no fee to use it. The forum is yours - please consider joining today and use the forum as a tool to get the most out of your Heartland RV.



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2017-01-16, 20:20
We have had this unit since July 2016 and LOVE IT! I love the front living room with the 50" tv and the dual sofas. The only complaint so far, and t...
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Harleylite via My Heartland Portal
2017-01-12, 09:13
Just spent 3 Weeks in Central Florida at Rivers Edge RV park in our 2016 Cyclone 4150, no issue towing to Florida from KY and back. Absolutely love it...
Bates-King family in Colorado
2017-01-12, 09:12
Arctic package? Check! 13 degrees with the fireplace on [in our Cyclone]? Check! ! Full time RVING? Check! Thanks Heartland!